Learning Plus and Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Support

At Goffs we recognise that some students need additional support. This may be due to a Special Educational Need such as an Educational Healthcare Plan or simply because they are falling behind in a certain area. We pride ourselves on the support we offer, not only for recognised SEND students but for all our students, to ensure they reach their full potential. At the heart of our SEND department is our school SENCOs', Sue Pressney (Lead SENCO) and Kelly McBride (SENCO). Sue and Kelly bring a wealth of experience to our Academy and oversee all aspects of SEND within the school. Sue sits on both the Autism Group and the Hertfordshire Strategic Management Committee for the area, DSPL 4. As such, her experience and expertise is vital to the school’s ability to effectively meet the needs of all learners. Sue and Kelly lead inset training for all staff and trainee teachers so that they are kept up-to-date not only with the latest strategies but also with how to cater for each student’s particular learning needs.

Goffs offers a range of support, as detailed below. However, we recognise that every child is unique and that all support may need to be adapted and tailored to the each child’s unique needs. If you wish to know more, please contact either myself, Mr Peter Petrou, or Mrs Sue Pressney, Lead SENCO, or Miss Kelly McBride, SENCO, and we will be happy to discuss any query you may have.

Sue and Kelly review progress data and will undertake assessments to determine whether a student is in need of extra support. This means that even if something is missed during primary school, we will ensure that every child receives the help they need.

For students who struggle with their literacy we run Literacy Development groups. These extra classes run in one of two ways: some students are withdrawn from Modern Foreign Languages and pick up these classes instead; for others, they have before school breakfast classes. Futhermore, we also run Numeracy support through breakfast classes, these are run by our Maths teachers. These classes offer very small group sizes and focus on the key literacy/numeracy skills that underpin the curriculum in a fun and interactive way.

Our Learning+ Room is where a large amount of our in-school support takes place. In this room, KS3 students who have been identified as falling behind in the key areas of Maths, English or with handwriting will be withdrawn for a fixed period of time and taught these skills in small classes. These intervention classes run for 6 weeks and are focused on boosting these vital areas, which will impact across the students’ education. KS4 students use this space to focus on preparation for their exams. Our staff are on hand to offer help or advice at all times.

We have a team of highly experienced Teaching Assistants. These are deployed in one of two ways: some of our teaching assistants are assigned to individual students. This will happen, in most cases, to support an Educational Health and Care Plan. Other Teaching Assistants are assigned to year groups, where Sue and Kelly will work with the teachers to assign them to classes where their expertise can be of benefit to support the greatest number of students.

Sue and Kelly meet our SEN students regularly on a 1-2-1 basis and discuss any issues they may have with their studies or with any aspect of their school life. With older students, these meetings are used to prepare them for the any upcoming examinations and to discuss their examination revision timetable with them. Plans for the future, in terms of careers guidance and applications to KS5 provision are also covered.

Students are assessed for any special Access Arrangements for their public examinations. This means that students who are entitled to a Reader or Extra Time have this allocated. This in turn ensures that no student is entered for any exam without the necessary support.

Click on the link below to access our SEND report and link to Local Offer:

SEND Report & Local Offer