Exam Results

A full summary of results can be found at the Department for Education Performance Tables website here:


Key Stage 4 2017

Goffs students are once again celebrating impressive GCSE results. As in 2016, a fifth of grades were at the top end of A*/A (English and Mathematics grades 7+). Performance in "GCSE only" outcomes continues to be exceptionally strong, and all students achieved at least 5 or more GCSEs.

The school target sets significantly above government baseline targets, aiming for each subject to achieve in the top 10% of all schools nationally. Within this highly aspirant environment, several subjects have gone above this with their results. Within many successes across the board, highlights include 100% of Biology and Physics students achieving A*-C, with phenomenally strong performances from subjects including Chemistry, Italian, Spanish, Business, Drama, Dance, PE/Sport and RS. In Triple Science, over half of the entries achieved A*/A grades – a fantastic achievement.

The school anticipates that when the DfE publishes its final analysis of outcomes in this year's new performance indicators, the school will again be identified as performing extremely strongly.

Many of our students celebrated fantastic GCSE results this year. All of our students put in a phenomenal amount of work and should be credited for their effort and outcomes. Alex Theodosiou exceeded his target grades in all of his 11 GCSE subjects and is delighted that his hard work ensured that he will go on to study in our Sixth Form.

Many of our students produced As and A*s across a multiple of subjects including Olivia Turner, Ryan Law, Alex Theodosiou, Louise Harvey, Charlotte Hunt and  Thomas Boucher all of whom are staying in our Sixth Form to complete a range of subjects.


  • 75% of students achieved 4+ grades in English and Mathematics GCSEs
  • English 4+: 85%
  • English 5+: 73%
  • Mathematics 4+: 79%
  • Mathematics 5+: 59%
  • Percentage of students achieving the EBacc qualification (English 5+, Mathematics 5+, 2 Science GCSEs, 1 Humanity and 1 Language): 46%
  • Attainment 8: 52.4
  • Progress 8: +0.34
  • Pupil destinations - pupils staying in education or going into employment: 99%


Key Stage 5 2017

Students at Goffs have once again achieved another excellent set of A Level exam results. Further 
improvements are evident in many of the key attainment measures, with students securing the 
highest A*/A rate in recent history. The overall pass rate was 99% and more than 4 out of every 5 
grades was at a C or higher. Approximately three quarters of the year group will progress to 
university or further education courses including Criminology, Environmental Engineering, 
Journalism, Construction, Law and Politics, Mathematics, Economics, Music, Zoology, Psychology, 
Philosophy and Biomedical Sciences, whilst the other students will progress directly into 
employment or apprenticeships. 

Just a few of our many students who have performed remarkably well, include: James Davis, 
Rebecca Dunne, Persia Humphreys, Katie Mears, Lucy Thompson and Eleanor Turner, who all 
achieved 3 or 4 A or A*grades at A Level. Lucy and Eleanor have secured places at Cambridge 
studying Geography and History respectively. 

Both staff and students have worked exceptionally hard this year to secure these fantastic grades, 
despite much turbulence in the education sector nationally. We are delighted that the vast majority of 
students are able to progress to their chosen next step having achieved the outcomes they were 
hoping for. It has also been a pleasure to see them develop into aspirational, enthusiastic and 
mature young adults who we are sure will achieve amazing things in the future.


  • Progress/Average Grade:
    • A Level: -0.13/C
    • Academic Qualifications: -0.16/C
    • Applied General Qualifications: +0.29/Dist+
    • Tech Levels: NE/ Dist+
  • Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 study: 95% (national average 89%)
  • English GCSE Retake Progress: +0.86 (national average -0.2)
  • Mathematics GCSE Retake Progress: +1.00 (national average 0.0)