Year 8

Welcome to the year 8 page!

In Year 8 pupils continue with the same subjects as Year 7, except they all have 2 Italian lessons a fortnight as a taster. This is the year they will pick their Key Stage 4 options.

In planning the KS3 curriculum we aim to:

  • Ensure that learning is challenging, engaging and enjoyable
  • Build on what children have been learning in Primary school
  • Help our students to develop the skills and understanding they will need for KS4 study and for adult life

Please check back soon for resources for the year, including the 'How to Support Your Child With Learning' booklet and other materials.

In form time we do a range of activities which are led by the Learning Managers.

Monday – literacy and numeracy day 
Tuesday – assembly 
Wednesday – Scheme of Learning 
Thursday – ICT day
Friday – Scheme of Learning.