Restaurant Menu 2018 - 2019

Our restaurant is run by Cucina, an award winning company who provide food for schools across the country.

Cucina’s service to Goffs’ School provides an educational food service by linking the classroom and the kitchen. Students will be able to see dishes being freshly prepared such as home-made pizza being served fresh from our pizza oven, fresh bread made on the premises daily and a wide variety of freshly prepared main meals, salads, sandwiches, fruit pots and desserts as well as mouth watering homemade muesli bars, muffins and cakes. 
For those on free school meals, Cucina are unique in offering any two items from the vast daily menu for their free school meal value regardless of price in recognition of the importance of meals at school. Cucina’s philosophy centres on the premise that eating well is crucial to improving ability and behaviour, as well as academic and athletic success. Cucina makes meals fun and helps students to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of food. 
What students will see: 
• The use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients 
• Growing herbs and selected vegetables 
• Linking theme days to the curriculum 
• Taste trials for new dishes and unusual foods 
• Fresh food prepared in our kitchens every single day 

Did you know: 
• All our eggs are free range 
• 90% of our menu…or more…is home made 
• 80% of our vegetables and fruit are sourced within the UK 
• The majority of our meat is red tractor approved and sourced from Great Britain 
• All our fish is farmed from sustainable stocks (MSC approved) 
• All our coffee and chocolate is fairtrade 
This is a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy nutritious meals based on quality foods and the students at Goffs’ will certainly be able to do that as not only does the food meet the newly introduced food standards but it is also tempts them to eat - it is like that of an up-market bistro. Cucina also plans to develop a range of sports meals to assist our sports teams whilst on their travels … every little helps! 
As well as fresh food for breakfast, break and lunch each day there will be “Take Home Deals” such as rotisserie chickens and freshly baked 14” pizza all boxed and ready to take away after school!! Those who have tried our pizzas say they are better than Domino’s so why not ask your child to organise the family tea? We also run after school services selling healthy items to keep your children company on the journey home. 
The menus provide excellent value for money, why not give it a try and let us have your comments?


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