Design and Technology

Introduction / Overview

Design & Technology at Goffs

Design and technology is about inventing practical solutions to problems through imaginative thinking. Learners use a range of tools, materials, skills and techniques to explore, design and make products and systems that meet human needs. Working in stimulating contexts they engage in a continuous course of personal development, learning to use today's technologies so they can participate in developing tomorrow's.

In D and T at Goffs we aim to provide all pupils with a stimulating ‘hands on’ experience of a wide range of D and T materials and skills.  Each pupil is encouraged to develop their talents and achieve their potential in a safe and supportive environment.

The staff work closely as a team, meeting regularly to develop relevant courses and skills which meet the needs of our students.


Key Stage 3

Year 7 & Year 8 Students have one lesson per fortnight in Food and one lesson per fortnight in either Product Design or Textiles

Key Stage 4 - Year 9 to Year 11

GCSE courses are offered in each technology; please see individual subject tab

Year 12 & Year 13

We run a full suite of A level  ‘Product Design’ endorsed courses in ‘Textiles’ and ‘Graphics with 3D’ (AQA) and A Level Food Technology (EDEXEL) these are popular with excellent results & many of our students go on to study Design courses at University.

Each material area has prefects who play an important role in the smooth running of the department, helping out in lower school lessons, preparing resources and mentoring individual GCSE pupils.


The department is housed in specialist workshops in one block providing 2 Food rooms, 2 Textiles rooms, 2 fully equipped wood and metal workshops, one with a modern hearth / forge plus a specialist ICT and CAD / CAM room. There is  a central staff resources room.

Each teacher has responsibility for one workshop where they deliver the majority of their lessons.


The Fashion & Textiles department is well equipped with a range of machines, printing presses and PCs.

 PCs are connected to the school network and the Internet giving pupils easy access for any related research and design work needed to produce their work.

All pupils are reminded that they are welcome to attend catch up sessions most days 3pm- 4pm in F05. 6th form Textiles students are positively encouraged to spend some of their study time in the department.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 students who have opted for the subject are currently learning a vast range of Textiles based skills once a fortnight. Skills such as; dyeing & printing, computerised embroidery & applique.

Year 8 student’s work on 3 projects which include an iterative design project based on Day of the Dead, group presentation on the environmental impact of Textiles and an upcycled t-shirt project. Students are encouraged to research, design, refine, make and evaluate throughout the process.

Key Stage 4 GCSE AQA Textiles Technology full course; Year 11

This interesting and challenging course investigates the wide use of modern fabrics and components integrating the use of Computer Aided Design and industrial practices through designing and making projects. The controlled assessment (coursework) element consists of one product based either on a fashion or furnishing theme that will take the form of a design folio and an original practical outcome of high quality. This is worth 60% of the GCSE. 

This enjoyable course can lead to a wide range of career opportunities such as Fashion Design, Science and Technology and Marketing and Advertising in the Textiles industry. Students find this course is a good foundation for A’ Level Textiles Technology. Many of our students go on to secure places at the top Universities in the UK & EIRE.

GCSE Pupil questionnaire comments

Good teacher support’ 
‘Felt able to ask for help and gained confidence’ 
‘Can work more independently now’ 
‘Had lots of fun but still work hard’
‘The deadlines set helped throughout the coursework’

School Trips

Over the years the department has arranged a number of trips to support the subject including; Clothes Show Live. On 18th September 2017 KS5 students will be visiting the Victoria & Albert museum to see the Balenciaga exhibition.


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Textiles Year 12

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