Welcome to Phoenix House

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Phoenix – "A person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect"

If you've found your way onto this page, we welcome you and congratulate you on the huge honour of being part of Phoenix House! Whilst our history is lacking, we refuse to be brought down, and unlike Eagles, Falcons or Hawks, we will spring up once again. Slowly but surely, we are building a huge community here and greet you in with welcome arms. Together, we will rise like a Phoenix.

Your 2017-18 House Team

Phoenix House Team 

House Captain:  Sophie Llewellyn

Vice-Captain:  Riley Skillet

Charity Captains:  Rachel Ttofi & Alicia Batt

Sports Captain:  Fatma Guven

Tech Captain:  Loukas Vernadakis



Your Charity

Our House Charity is currently being decided.  Please check back soon for more information.

Get Involved!

Don’t forget to check the school website and noticeboards for regular updates on the latest things going on in the Phoenix House!