Code of Conduct

  • No food or drink in the LRC
  • All rubbish must be put into a bin or recycled
  • Put books back where you found them
  • Please treat the books and computers with care! Others need to use them too
  • Remember to get your books returned! Don’t just put them back on the shelf when you’re finished
  • No games on LRC computers, these are for study purposes only
  • Sixth Form are not permitted during lessons in the LRC

The LRC is a QUIET ZONE. This means you can talk quietly with your peers about work, but if you are disruptive you will be warned and if you continue your behaviour you will be kicked out.

All in all, just remember that the LRC is a place to learn. Those who wish to study quietly have the right to do so and behaviour seeking to disrupt them will not be tolerated.