Extra Curricular

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a fantastic opportunity for our most ambitious students to give themselves an edge for university applications and job opportunities. It is offered to all students on Pathway 1 and Pathway 2 within Sixth Form.

This qualification gives students the opportunity to explore and research a topic of their own choosing and develop their own arguments based on the opinions of others; a perfect primer for the kind of work an aspiring university student will be undertaking in the future.

The project consists of three components; the main portion is usually produced in the form of a dissertation-style essay but can also be produced using video, models, paintings, music and much more. Alongside this, the students fill out a Production Log which details their planning and research and finally, a final presentation at the end of the project delivered to a panel of teachers and fellow students.

This qualification is equivalent to half an A-Level, which equates to 28 UCAS points at A*. A number of universities now look at the EPQ as a vital aspect of application and some will offer overall lower grades for entry alongside an A/A* in EPQ. These 'EPQ Offers' are known to be given out by universities such as Southampton, Manchester, Bristol, Warwick, Birmingham and many other top universities.
Perks of EPQ:-

  • Worth half an A-Level
  • Highly regarded by Russell Group Universities
  • Chance to develop research and writing skills that transfer directly to university study
  • Boosting confidence in presentation and literacy; reaching higher standards in planning and organising
  • Best work is published in the school LRC
  • Topics can be based on anything; from university and career options to personal interests
  • Includes a visit to a university library and research workshop

Goffs School matches your ambition to achieve to the best of your ability – if you have a question that you have always wanted answering, the EPQ may be the right path for you. For more information please contact Miss Grant, our Learning Resources Manager and EPQ Coordinator, via email RGr@goffs.herts.sch.uk.