New Technologies

Technology is now a massive part of our lives and we interact with all kinds of different technologies in many situations. Technology is not constant and is a very fast moving industry and many young people are now exposed to technology at a very young age. Our aim at Goffs Academy is to make use of technology in lessons to improve student productivity and engagement. We believe using technology will enhance students' ability to access the curriculum and provide opportunities to be creative with the way that skills and topics are covered in lessons.


As part of celebrating different technologies and experimenting with the use of tools in classes, we run Risk It Days where teachers and students use technologies during lessons. This provides the opportunity for teachers to trial technologies that they may not have used before, and students the chance to interact using technologies to complete tasks in classes. After each Risk it Day we reflect on our successes and look for ways to make improvements , and staff share best practice between departments.

Recent Risk it Day

In our recent RiskIT day we introduced the use of QR codes in maths and iPads in Drama. In Drama, students recorded their performances using IPads and reflected on how they could improve their performances by watching the recorded videos. In maths students used iPads and QR codes to complete a quiz in groups. Students scanned QR codes and answered questions, which was engaging and many students found the activity extremely appealing and it helped them to get to grips with different areas of the curriculum. Our aim is to continue introducing new technologies to make sure learning is as engaging and productive as possible.