Sixth Form Top Team

Sixth Form students are expected to be leaders in and around the school environment. They should be role models for students in the main school body, and will be expected to take part in events and house activities. Specific examples of leadership are an excellent addition to UCAS or career applications.


BenBen Pennell

Head Student

I am extremely proud to be able to work together with the Top Team to ensure that students receive the opportunities that I have had throughout my time at school. I aim to help organise and run events, furthering the sense of community we have across year groups, ensuring that students have the best environment for them to learn and to enjoy their lives here at Goffs.


SharonSharon Hood

Head Student

I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to our school community alongside the Top Team. As Head Student, my goal is to make sure everyone at Goffs is heard and included.

I will strive to make sure every student feels like they can belong, and support students in implementing changes to make our school the best place it can be. It is rewarding to be able to support and uplift the students within our school community, and I am excited to see the positive                impacts that the Top Team and I will have.


EdizEdiz Azmi 

Deputy Head

As deputy head, I strive for a supportive environment for all students to work in. Making sure they are satisfied with their time at school is crucial, so I welcome pupils to inform me of any problems they may be facing in their time here. I will ensure any issues students face around the school are addressed and I will act on behalf of the student body and tend to their needs. Overall, I’m thankful for the community we have here at Goffs and proud to be representative of it. 



Meryem Tutuman

Deputy Head

II feel very proud to be a deputy head student at Goffs; the school has provided me with an amazing experience and I aim to continue this for all students to the best of my ability.



JessicaJessica Buburuzan

House Leader

Being involved with the house team since year 7, I strive to create a vibrant and interactive environment for our community. My focus is to introduce various events, and to implement regular challenges to increase participation across the school.

I aim to promote collaboration, to ensure everyone has an opportunity to voice their ideas. It’s a privilege to be able to represent and support a community that I have                                                           strived in and learnt so much from, for my last year at Goffs.


SorayaSoraya Carletto

Deputy House Leader

I am deeply honoured to be a part of the Top Team this year. Having been a member of the House Team for numerous years, I look forward to organising more events that will actively engage the entire school community. By fostering a sense of unity and togetherness, we aim to cultivate a pleasant place for both staff and students.



AleksandraAleksandra Kolenda

Literacy Leader

I am really grateful for the opportunities Goffs has provided me throughout my time here, which includes my role of Literacy Leader! I am looking forward to encouraging reading and literacy across the school. I can't wait to work alongside the rest of the school to make Goffs the best place it can be! 



ShanyaShanya Tofeq

Deputy Literacy Leader

Being a proud member of the school's sixth form Top Team is an honour, as I am able to give back to the school community and help out within events and assemblies. Over the years, I have been able to develop confidence in various skills such as teamwork and organisation.

As I am also involved in the House Team, I look forward to contributing more for the community. Our aim is to help younger students engage in literacy and become confident in their reading as this can widely help them in their core lessons such as English.


VictoriaVictoria Townsend

Learning and Teaching Leader

I am excited to have the opportunity provided by the Top Team this year to make a positive impact in our school community. I aim to demonstrate the fortune of learning chosen subjects to students, creating a passion for learning through more enjoyable and beneficial opportunities.



EmilyEmily Trupia

Deputy Learning and Teaching Leader

I aim to create a welcoming and successful learning environment at Goffs, with student feedback as a key contributor. Whilst hopefully providing students such as myself with the opportunity to achieve their goals and academically thrive. As part of the Top Team, I hope to collaborate with others to develop our school community for the better.



CheyenneCheyenne Winter

Diversity and Inclusion Leader

As Diversity and Inclusion Leader, I aim to create an atmosphere where all students feel like they belong. I believe that culture and heritage and sexuality and gender are major parts of individuality and as a school we should dive into student’s backgrounds. My priority is to educate whilst creating a safe environment for all students.



InumidunInumidun Daniel

Deputy Diversity and Inclusion Leader

I am honoured to be a part of the Top team as the deputy lead of diversity and inclusion. I am looking forward to making sure that Goffs is a school where we embrace and value people’s backgrounds and perspectives. My aim is to create an environment where everyone feels respected and included, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or abilities.


AshleeAshlee Willett

Sports Leader

I feel so honoured to represent the school that has helped and guided me throughout my years here. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back to the school that has provided me with so much experience and many opportunities. As Head Sports Leader, I aim to help and improve the sporting community whilst increasing participation in sports within Goffs Academy.



OliverOliver Stone

Deputy Sport Leader

I am proud to be contributing to the school community and hope to help get as many students active as possible. I joined Goffs Academy in Year 7 and believe throughout my school years; physical activity was vital in my growth and development. I have participated and played many sports throughout my school life and have a passion for coaching where I specialise in football and tennis. I look forward to working with the rest                                             of my top team this year.



CharlotteCharlotte Williams

Student Parliament and Communications Leader

For my last year at Goffs I am glad that I have stepped into the role of Head of Student Parliament and Communications. I have been part of House Team and Student parliament (Community leaders now) since year 8, and having the opportunity to be more involved in the school community alongside a team of other proactive students like myself is brilliant.

My role being very driven by the Goffs community has allowed me to take part in various projects such as: helping organise events, promote them and to lead the student voice across the student body. I look forward to what we can achieve in this upcoming year, and to see the impact our very capable team can have on the school.


BenjmainBenjmain Holloway

Deputy Student Parliament and Communications Leader

I am proud to support the Goffs Academy community in growing and developing ideas and projects from students. I came to Goffs in year 12 which I believe gives me an opportunity to bring new ways of thinking to better our school. I look forward to working with the rest of the of the Top Team this year. Thank you for this opportunity.



AlyssaAlyssa Chitolie

Well-Being Leader

I am excited to have been appointed the role of Well-Being Leader within the sixth form top team and I look forward to improving well-being and supporting members of my school community.

Being a psychology student deepens my understanding of the importance of mental health and positive wellbeing and I aspire to apply this knowledge to support my community by implementing support programmes, increasing awareness and organising events and activities to improve wellbeing. I am hopeful that all of top team can work together to ensure Goffs is a safe and supportive environment for all students and staff.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I aim to give back and inspire other students to reach their full potential as I believe that everyone is capable of achieving their goals.


Joshua Hawkins

Deputy Well-Being Leader

I am honoured to have this role in the top team, and I hope to create a positive and welcoming environment for all students at Goffs. Additionally, I am excited to be able to give back to the school community, and work alongside others to ensure students feel heard and appreciated.










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