Sixth Form Top Team

Sixth Form students are expected to be leaders in and around the school environment. They should be role models for students in the main school body, and will be expected to take part in events and house activities. Specific examples of leadership are an excellent addition to UCAS or career applications.

Ashlyn Harrington 1Ashlyn Harrington

Head Student

I aim to create a safe and supportive learning environment that the entire school can thrive in. I feel privileged to be able to give back to the school community from which I have received so much. I would like to focus on mental health and wellbeing within the school.


Caitlin O'BrienCaitlin O’Brien

Head Student

I’m proud to represent the student body as Head Student and I am looking forward to working with everyone this year. Having been involved in both Student Parliament and the House Team, I value our school’s community spirit. 

I would like to focus mainly on the environment and encouraging school spirit and the sense of community. 


Ava ReynoldsAva Reynolds 

Deputy Head Girl

I can’t think of a more rewarding way to conclude my final year at Goffs than having the honour of being part of the Top Team. Over the years the academic skills I have acquired have been invaluable, as has the encouragement to pursue many opportunities.

As a Deputy Head my aim is to give back and inspire other students to become successful and reach their full potential, with a real focus on their personal goals, achievements and dreams. I believe that everyone is capable of making the best opportunities for themselves.


Lily MunsonLily Munson

Deputy Head Girl

It’s a privilege for me to be able to represent a school that has provided so many opportunities throughout my years here. I’m looking forward to working alongside our Top Team, helping to make Goff’s a safe and happy space for students.

I would like to focus on creating fun opportunities for students to help them understand how learning can be fun! Relating academic work to the ‘real world’ makes                                                  subjects so much more engaging and I think it’s important to show students how                                                            fascinating their subjects can be.


Ethan YardleyEthan Yardley

Deputy Head Student

I’m excited to have been appointed as Deputy Head Student and look forward to being part of the Top Team.

I am committed to creating an environment in which students achieve their aims and our community prospers.



Riley SkilletRiley Skillet

Deputy Head Student

I am excited to have been appointed as one of the Deputy Head students and I look forward to helping with school events and students during academic year. 

I have been involved with Student Parliament and House Team since year 8 and I look forward to continuing my role in the community and being a role model to other students. One of my aims is to work with the school on raising the awareness of environmental                                                   issues with particular impact on the school.  This is something that I have been passionate                                           about for many years.


Marianna TheodorouMarianna Theodorou

Senior Prefect, Director of Teaching and Learning

I am honoured to be a part of the Top Team this year as we are working to develop our school environment to make it a more pleasant and productive place for both staff and students, and to develop our sense of community.

I am looking forward to our projects to improve communication and wellbeing within                                                    the school.


Natalie ZhangazhaNatalie Zhangazha

Senior Prefect – Director of diversity and inclusion

It’s an honour to represent the school as a Senior Prefect. It’s a privilege to also work alongside the Head Students, as well as he Top Team.

It’s my aim to encourage diversity and inclusion and organise activities that will encourage students to share their experiences and cultures. As a school community I think that it’s important we are all inclusive and we are educated on diverse cultures. Nonetheless, as a school we should acknowledge what we are interested in and magnify that towards helping the community.


Joss ClaypoleJoss Claypole

Senior Prefect - Director of Community

My role of Director of Community is suited perfectly as I shall speak for the students of Goffs Academy to allow every pupil to voice their opinions and concerns.

Hopefully, the Top Team can work together to make the school a better place, satisfying all students, teachers and other stakeholders of Goffs Academy. My objectives are to set an example for my peers at Goffs. I have faith that we can achieve                                                  something beyond greatness in the future. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.