Careers advice 

Finding the right career

It's not always easy to know exactly what you want to do when you leave school and there are many different options for you to explore whether you want to start work right away, do an apprenticeship or go onto University the choice is yours. 

Below are some helpful documents, websites and videos that will guide you in your choices. 

HOP the careers directory to research different sectors, understand the main tasks within job roles and average salaries, learn about which qualifications you should consider studying and explore the current job and apprenticeship vacancies in Hertfordshire.



CV: Step by Step Guide

Your CV is often your first chance to introduce yourself to an employer, and first impressions really do count! Your CV should be clear and professional so your application isn’t thrown onto the ‘no’ pile.

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A covering letter

Think of a cover letter as the front page of your CV. It acts as an introduction to your CV and gives you the chance to state why you are the best candidate for the role. Here you can highlight any key skills or relevant experience that you want to stand out to the employer. Ultimately you want this to prompt the employer to read on and find out more.

How to suceed in Interview

Preparing for your interview is the key to success. It will help you feel confident and hopefully ease your nerves. But how do you prepare if you don’t know what to expect? Here are a few tips on ways of preparing for an interview.

Guide to application forms

Application forms are a great way to demonstrate to the employer that you have the skills and qualities that they are looking for. However, they can be filled with open questions and empty white space below and it may seem hard to know where to start. Reading through the questions and making some notes is a good place to start.



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