High Aspirations Students

There is extensive provision available for our High Attaining students throughout the Sixth Form. This includes:

Support with Competitive Applications

Tailored support is provided for applications to competitive subjects such as Medicine and Dentistry.  Students wishing to apply to Oxford, Cambridge and other top-ranking universities will receive guidance throughout the process.   The same level of support is also available for students aiming to secure positions on prestigious Apprenticeship programmes.

Brentwood partnership

Through our partnership with Brentwood School all Oxbridge applicants receive 1:1 guidance and mock interviews.

Zero Gravity Mentoring

Eligible students are encouraged to sign up for digital mentoring with Zero Gravity, an educational charity supporting state school students in their applications to top universities.

Extended Project Qualification

Pathway 1 and Pathway 2 students are invited to complete the Extended Project Qualification. Mrs Collins co-ordinates this programme.

Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that exists to widen access to highly-selective universities for pupils from under-represented groups. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers are sent to non-selective state schools across the country to work in small groups with Year 12 students.