School Vision and Ethos

Goffs promotes respect for each other, for ourselves, for our environment. We have recently moved into a brand new school building, which has provided an inspiring, modern and professional working and learning environment. All students, staff and parents are part of one community at Goffs. We teach our students to respect, support, and demonstrate concern for each other.
We want our students to grow as individuals with ambition, resilience and courage. Our students need to be ready for any challenge and any possibility. They must be able to respond positively to uncertainty and change in modern times. They must be clear and decisive in their thoughts and actions. They must believe in themselves, be able to listen to and respond to the merits of other views, and be able to justify their point of view with clarity and self-assurance. Our students learn how collaborate, listen and use their imagination to learn and solve problems effectively. At all times, we encourage them to apply their knowledge, skills and values with consistency and integrity.
We are very proud of our students. Their achievements reflect the hard work and commitment of everyone in our community. We develop a culture of life-long learning and high achievement. We expect our students to be focused and motivated in all their endeavours; we engage their curiosity, encourage their independence and nurture their strengths. We celebrate our students’ achievements and recognise their hard work as well as the dedication of their teachers in helping them to reach their goals.
Each student is known and valued as an individual and has our absolute support in achieving his or her potential. Goffs students learn about traditional values: honesty, integrity, good behaviour and co-operation. They have opportunities for exploration and discovery within a safe and friendly environment. We want our students to become good citizens and know how to work successfully with others. They are taught to value teamwork and personal success in equal measure, and are actively encouraged to take on positions of responsibility and leadership.