School Vision and Ethos

At Goffs we strive to provide the highest quality of education for all students. We provide a rich range of learning opportunities and experiences, therefore enabling students:

  • to develop a powerful range of knowledge, vocabulary and skills
  • to develop as confident, responsible, and articulate learners and citizens
  • to reveal and develop their inner strengths, and to thrive at school and beyond

We expect and encourage all members of our community to be Respectful, Resilient and Responsible.


We promote respect for each other, for ourselves, and for our environment. We are proud to be part of one community at Goffs, and are kind, thoughtful, and respectful towards each other. Staff will teach and encourage students how to be respectful and  supportive of one another.


We want our students to grow as individuals with resilience, ambition and courage. Our students need to be ready for any challenge and any possibility. They must be able to respond positively to uncertainty and change in modern times. They must be clear and decisive in their thoughts and actions. They must believe in themselves, be able to listen to and respond to the merits of other views, and be able to justify their own point of view with clarity and self-assurance. We will teach you how to collaborate, listen and use your imagination to learn and solve problems effectively. Our students learn how collaborate, listen and use their imagination to learn and solve problems effectively. It is important that students have an opportunity to reflect on everything they do each day and learn from the mistakes they make.


We want our students to be responsible for their own actions, education, and growth. We will work with students daily to ensure that they have all the tools to achieve the best possible results both academically and personally, but this requires students to be responsible for their actions. We want all students to be confident in saying, “I need support” or “I made a mistake”.