Home Learning

Home learning will be set based on the following principles; 

  • Home learning will be designed to develop student's responsibility for their own learning
  • Home learning may include;
  • Flipped learning in the form of research or independent work around a topic prior to being studied; 
  • Extended pieces of writing to be peer marked at the start of lessons; 
  • Recapping of key knowledge or skills learnt in lessons; 
  • Extended projects running over a longer period of time; 
  • Exam or assessment preparation including revision and past exam questions or papers; 
  • Online platforms may continue to be utilised but these will not form the entirety of the home learning. These may include Bedrock learning, Hegarty maths or Tassomai
  • Students at Key Stage Three (Years 7-9) should expect to receive two hours a day, increasing to 3 hours a day at Key Stages Four and Five (Years 10-13)
  • Students can expect to receive reward points for completing homework and consequences for failure to complete

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