School Development Plan

Our Strategic Development Plan sets out:

  1. Our commitment and vision as a community
  2. The key strategic feedback from all of our stakeholders leading to our key foci for 2020/2021
  3. Our operational plans which detail the actions to be taken in the current year. Each member of our senior leadership team and each curriculum/year leader have their own development plan. Students also have their own development plan. Our SDP is reviewed termly by the entire community to assess progress being made towards our objectives, to review actions and to plan the next term’s work. Some priorities will continue throughout the year, with others being changed in response to progress/developments. In doing this we ensure that our SDP is both current and responsive to the community’s needs.

Our Commitment and vision

  • To ensure that all students receive a high quality, consistently outstanding learning experience (Learning and teaching)
  • To ensure all students make outstanding progress regardless of their starting point (Achievement)
  • To develop aspirations for all members of the community for the future (Aspirations/Leadership)
  • To build on and develop an inclusive community for all students (Community/SMSC)
  • To build a secure future for our school (Leadership/Resources)

Please download our full plan using the links below:


Page Downloads Date  
Goffs Academy SDP 2022 23 12th Jul 2022 Download
Student SDP 2022 23 14th Sep 2022 Download