Staff Contact Details


Multi Academy Trust (MAT)

Alison J Garner AGa English MAT Executive Principal
PA: Nina Wood
Ian Denchfield IDe Business and Operations MAT Chief Finance Officer
Tracey Backman TBa Human Resources HR Manager
Karen Tanner KTa Finance Finance Manager
Kerry Palmer KPa IT MAT Director of Commercial ICT & Infrastructure

Kevin Yardley KYa Income Generation MAT Director of Income Generation

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mark Ellis MEl Science

PA: Nina Wood
Peter Petrou PPe Computing

Vice Principal – Safeguarding & KS3

SLT Link – Year 7
Mike Toley MTy Geography

Vice Principal – Curriculum & Achievement                             

SLT Link - Year 11

Sophie Enstone SEe English

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching                              

SLT Link -  Year 8

Tom Cahill TCa RS

Assistant Principal – Sixth Form

SLT Link - Year 12 & 13
Laura Preston LPr Maths

Assistant Principal - Learning, Teaching and Research.

SLT Link – Year 9

(Maternity Leave)

Cheryl Poag CPo History

Assistant Principal - Curriculum and Achievement (KS3)

SLT Link –  Year 10

(Maternity Leave)

Kate Dawson KDa Media

Associate Assistant Principal – KS4 Raising Achievement and Vocational Learning

Raising Achievement Year 10


Mark Holding MHo Languages

Acting Assistant Principal – Personal Development

SLT Link - Year 8
Richard Ashdown RAs PE

Associate Assistant Principal Aspiration and Opportunity

Head of PE

SLT Link - Support Year 11
John Vyras JVY Maths

Assistant Principal

Covid Catch Up Premium Lead

SLT Link - Year 9

English / Drama / Media

Bahar Ali BAl English Lead Practitioner - Part Time
Martha Booth MBo English

Yr 11  Achievement (GLASS)

(Maternity Leave)

Lisa Collins LC English Head of English 
EPQ Co-ordinator
Gemma Hawkridge GRe English Director of Literacy and Communication
Alice Marshall AMa English
Androulla Michael AMi English
Natasha Stewart  NSt English

Key Stage 3 English
Co-ordinator and Professional Learning Coach
Eleanor Wakeling EWa English Assistant Director of Literacy and Communication
Kayleigh King KKi English Joint Director of the House System
Matthew Bennett MBn English
Wendy Wilson WWi English Director of Learning – Year 12
Clare Holland  CHo Drama Head of Drama and Professional Learning Coach

(Maternity Leave)

Ellie Myers  EMy Drama Head of Drama (Covering Maternity Leave)
Kelly McBride KMc Drama Director of Learning - Year 7
Olivia Garner  OGa Health & Social  Care and Childcare Director of Learning - Year 10
Matthew Compton MCn Media Head of Media


Nigel Taken  NTa Music Head of Music


Richard Ashdown RAS PE

Head of PE

Associate Assistant Principal Aspiration and Opportunity
Carla Ball CBa PE 2nd i/c of PE & Community Sport – GSA

Emma Fleet EFl PE Head of Dance and Joint Director of the House System
Lynsey Hague LH PE

Director of Learning - Year 9
Hollie Hockley HHo PE
Ben Spaul BSp PE

2nd i/c of PE (BTEC Sport and Sports Leadership)

Joint Director of Learning - Year 8
Lynsey Ball LBa PE

Matt Roles


Modern Foreign Languages

Natasha Andreou NAn Languages Head of MFL
Sanan Barissal SBa Languages
Ann-Marie Crabb ACr Languages Joint Director of Learning - Year 8

Martina Amadori

MAm Languages Head of Italian
Bernice Paulin-Booth BPa Languages
Antonina Theodorou  ATh Languages 2nd I/C MFL
Eva Ruiz Valenzuela ERv Languages MFLA Oct – May
Grazia Carouso GCa Languages MFLA Oct – May  
Beatrice Higgins BHi French Primary school club and Teaching Assistant MFLA Oct-May


Cheryl Poag CPo History Associate Assistant Principal & Head of History

(Maternity Leave)

Richard Gill RGi History

Student Wellbeing Lead and Support Year 11 Raising Achievement
Sangetta Shergill  SSh History Head of History
Nancy Jackson NJa History NQT
Holly Jackson HJa History NQT

R.S. & Sociology

Tom Cahill  TCa Religious Studies/ Sociology RS/ Assistant Principal
Erhan Bora  EBo Religious Studies/ Sociology Head of RS/Sociology and Professional Learning Coach
Stavroula Drymoni SDr Religious Studies/ Sociology 2 I/C of RS/Sociology
James Lewis JLe RS/Sociology NQT


Olja Holman OHo Psychology

Associate Head
of Psychology


Klaudia Car KCr Geography Joint Head of Geography

Jennifer Fleeman  JFl Geography Joint Head of Geography
Elizabeth Swaile ESw Geography D of E Co-ordinator

Katie Avril KAv Geography
Susan Austin SAu Geography
Lisa Smith LSm Geography/Psychology

Business Studies

Toyin Oyelade TOy Business Studies/ Economics

Head of Business Studies

Teaching Staff Governor
Yoofi Bannerman  YBa Business Studies
Elizabeth Bailey PBa Business Studies Goffs Business Academy


Anja Collier  ACo Maths Head of Maths
Richard Cooper RCo Maths
Katie Diamond KDi Maths Year 11 Achievement (GLASS)
David Lynton DLy Maths KS5 Maths Co-ordinator
Christopher Melvin  CMe Maths 2nd I/c Maths
Ashwin Beesooa ABa Maths
Mine Belet MBe Maths
Laura Davy LDa Maths
Jonathan Yelland JYe Maths
Burcu Cakir BC Maths


Hasina Nessa HNe ICT & Computing Head of ICT & Computing, KS3 Co-ordinator
Andrea Nicola ANi ICT & Computing QN BTEC KS4 & KS5 Coordinator, Head of Health & Social Care and Childcare
Ryan Sawyer RSa ICT & Computing


Theresa Harris THa Science Head of Science
Anthony Hopwood  AHo Science 2nd I/C Science
Richard Alexander RAl Science A Level Science Co-ordinator
Suzanne Alexander SAr Science Joint Director of Learning - Year 11
Michelle Kempthorne  MKe Science KS3 & Vocational Science
Elizabeth Nicholson ENi Science
Fiona Crichton FCr Science Joint D of E Co-ordinator
Sarah Edu-Okafor SEd Science
Iolanthe Rodman IRo Science Lead Practitioner
Soumen De Kumar SDe Science
Asothie Naidoo ANd Science
Janet Young JYo Science


Tiffany Brown TBr Art & Photography Head of Art/Photography
Colleen Brew CBw Art & Photography
James Clancy JCl Art & Product Design

Design & Technology

Laura Jane Abazi LAb  Technology (Textiles) Head of Textiles & Design & Technology
Melanie Fusco MFu Technology (Product Design / Engineering) Head of Department  Product RM, Graphics, Engineering BTEC and Technology
Mary Roffey MRo Food and Textiles

Learning Support

Sue Pressney SPr Learning Support Part-time SENCo; Counselling; Anger Management and Access Arrangements
Janet Bumstead JBu Learning Plus Tutor
Tracy Fowler TFo Teaching Assistant
Elaine Haggerty EHg Teaching Assistant
Penny Johnson PJo Teaching Assistant
Penny Knott PKn Teaching Assistant
Sheryl Swift SSw Teaching Assistant
Beatrice Higgins BHi French Primary school club, MFLA (Oct-May) and Teaching Assistant
Jane Gambles JGa Sixth Form Learning Mentor


Sarah Robertson SRo Cover Manager
Angela Suarez MSu Cover Supervisor
Rafik Merabtene RMe Cover Supervisor
Hande Silay HSi Cover Supervisor


Nina Wood NWo

Executive PA to Executive Principal and Principal
Tracey Backman TBa HR Manager
Kerry Cook KCo HR Officer
Tara Waters TWa HR Officer
Francoise Grote FGr Attendance and Parent Support Officer Qualified First Aider
Lisa Hardwick  LHa 6th Form Administrator Qualified First Aider
Angela Colby ACy 6th Form Administrator
Denise Orhan Dor 6th Form Study Supervisor
Gill Hayes GHa Curriculum and Achievement Officer
Karen Lawrence KLa Director of Learning Year 13
Simon Stow  SSt Data Manager
Lisa Thorogood LTh Examination and Assessment Student Leadership
Lucy Murphy LMu Income Generation Administrator
Denise Cooke DCo SLT Administrator


Karen Tanner KTa Finance Manager (MAT)
Julie Whitehead JWh Finance Assistant (MAT)
Lina Warren CWa Finance Assistant (MAT)


Yvonne Trippier YTr Learning Resources Manager    

Reception & Reprographics

Carol Doherty CDo Administration Officer – Reception
Sarah Shearsby SSy Administration Officer – Reception
Tina Tong  TTo Graphic Design and Print Production Technician Qualified First Aider

Student Support 

Nicky Walters NWa Student Support Officer - Admissions Qualified First Aider
Lorraine Sparrow LSw Student Support Officer - Careers Qualified First Aider
Krystle Williams KWi Youth Worker


Jane Lloyd JLl Senior Science Technician
Gabby O'Rourke GOr Science Technician
Keith Cullen KCu

Science Technician
Liz Southey  LSo Food/Textiles Technician
Lynn Sapsford LSa Food/Textiles Technician
Lucy Makewell LMa Art Technician
Peter Andrews PAn Design/Tech Technician
Angela Handley AHy Design/Tech Technician

ICT Support

Kirsty Durack KDu ICT Technician (MAT)
Dylan Galloway DGa ICT Technician Apprentice

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Tracy Doyle   MSA    
Lynn Goodall   MSA and Clerical Assistant to Departments
Leila Sacks   MSA    
Jade Rayment   MSA    
Nicola Frost   MAT MSA    
Nicole Guerra-Hasleden   MAT MSA    

Site Team

Michael Batyshev MBa Facilities Officer (MAT) Full-time  
Martin Townsend MTo Facilities Officer (MAT) Full-time   
Terry Brown BRt Facilities Officer (MAT) Full-time   
Tim Fortune FOt Facilities Officer (MAT) Full-time   
George Wooldridge GWo Facilities Officer (MAT)