Careers Research Portal

Careers Research Portal

Sixth Form students at Goffs Academy have access to the SACU career research portal, providing access to a comprehensive range of career research opportunities.

The portal provides valuable independent & impartial careers information and research tools to help students explore their future options.

Students using SACU’s tools can now quickly and easily share the progress of their research into careers, degrees and apprenticeships with their parents, guardians, teachers, career advisors, helping students to keep track of all their research activities – including bookmarked careers, apprenticeships and UCAS courses.

The below workbook will help students get the most out of the SACU tools

Existing students can login on the link below:


New students / first time users should register on the link below: p=SACU_BROWSE:101:0:Register:NO::P101_variant,P101_REG_VOUCHER,P101_RETURN_PAGE:,14F5-FE6E-39E4-B26F,600