School Trips

School Trips 2023 - 2024

School trips are a way of enhancing the learning process, by taking young people outside of their usual classroom environment and getting them to have a different learning experience. A school trip can be anything, from a trip into the local area to familiarise them, with the world around them; a place of interest of relevance to the subject that they are learning; or even somewhere abroad where they get to immerse themselves in a different culture.

Trips help build valuable life skills such as empathy and compassion, students have opportunities to work on relationships and communication which enhances social skills and ultimately their confidence.

School trips have vast benefits to the dynamic between teachers and their groups, with a huge majority of students feeling that experiences like these give their teachers a better idea of how they like to learn and the type of learner they are.

Research has also shown that trips can have a positive effect on students’ behaviour by putting students in an environment that is different and potentially far more stimulating.

Research also suggest that a school trip improves a child’s attendance, as it incentives them into more participation in the education process. By offering a method of learning that seems more engaging.

Taking students on a school trip to a relevant attraction or establishment that is related to the subject that is being discussed can also be a huge step towards helping them get a better grasp of the subject material. 

They are also extremely fun, and many happy memories and friendships are made that last forever.

With this in mind we plan to run a wide variety of school trips every year.

The member of staff leading the trip will write to parents prior to the trip with full details.

We want to ensure every student has access to as many trips and experiences as possible, therefore if you have any financial issues that would mean your child cannot participate in a trip, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will always try our best to ensure no student misses out.

If you have any questions regarding trips, please contact Kate Dawson directly on or Nina Wood on

Upcoming School Trips:

Please note that the following trips are Subject to change due to staff availabilty and student uptake:

September: D&T Design Museum (Year 10), GCSE PE Rock Climbing (Year 11), Geography Field Trip (Year 11 & 13)

October: Stanstead Mountfitchet (Year 7), New Scientist Live (Year 9), Hampton Court Palace (Year 13), Knit & Stitch Show (Year 10 - 13)

November: Drama Theatre Trip (Year 10-13) Chemistry in Action (Year 12 & 13), Old Bailey (Year 13), Mayor's Debate (All Years)

December:  RS Trip (Year 8), RS Trip (Year 10 & 11), Science Live (Year 10), CERN, Geneva (Year 12), Oxbridge day (Year 13), V&A Textiles Trip (Year 9 -13)

January: Languages trip to Rome (Year 9 & 13), BETT exhibition (Year 10), Disneyland Paris (Maths) Year 10.

February: V&A Museum (Year 12), CCF Leadership training (Year 9 -11) RS Trip to Rome (Year 12 - 13)

March: Theatre Trip (Year 7), Amazon visit (Year 8), Jack the Ripper Tour (Year 8), BETT exhibition (Year 9), Generations Broxbourne (Year 10), CCF Sprong Forward exercise (Year 9 -11)

April: GSK (Year 9), DofE Bronze exhibition (Year 10), History Surgery Trip (Year 10),

May: DofE Silver Expedition (Year 12)

June: Kidszania (Year 7), Theatre Trip (Year 8), Cambridge University (Year 10), Bletchley Park (Year 9 & 12)

July: Geography Trip Clacton (Year 7), Belgium Battlefields (Year 9), Royal Academy of Arts (Year 12), Biology Field Trip (Year 12), Geography Field Trip (Year 12), Rewards Trip (All years), CCF Summer camp (Year 9 - 11)