Year 7

The Year 7 pastoral team would like to welcome students to Goffs Academy as they begin a new and exciting chapter in their lives. Year 7 is a crucial year for students to not only make a positive start to Goffs Academy but also their whole secondary school career.

The team will work hard to make the transition process from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. We are committed to providing students with a comprehensive induction programme that strives to help them settle into life at Goffs.

ATM is about monitoring progress and ensuring students make new friends, learn how to organise themselves and know what the expectations are at secondary school.  We also have a comprehensive Scheme of Learning which covers areas such as: Mutual Respect, Resilience, Online Safety, Modern Britain and Personal Safety and Making the right choices.

We want to help students cope with the stresses and strains of changing schools and help them all achieve their potential. There are lots of ways we can support students, like homework clubs, and we make sure we equip students with the knowledge to support themselves. It is about getting into the right routine now so that subsequent years run efficiently and students can gain the qualifications and experience they deserve.

We also offer extra-curricular activities in Year 7 and these run after school in a variety of subject areas (please click here to view the clubs programme). We encourage any involvement in extra-curricular activities and taking on leadership roles, as this puts students in an excellent position when moving up to Year 8 and beyond.

Director of Learning: Miss Kelly McBride

SLT Link: Mr Peter Petrou



Yr7 HTSYCWL Booklet 2021-22