Dress Code

All Sixth Form students at Goffs School are expected to wear a suit, males and females.  All students are expected to dress professionally and act as role models to younger students.

Sixth Form boys wear:

  • Plain jackets and trousers, bought as 2-piece suits, with a formal shirt and tie of their own choice. 
  • Plain sweaters may be worn with a shirt, tie and jacket.  Plain, dark shoes of a formal style must be worn, absolutely no trainers

Sixth Form girls wear:

  • A formal, tailored skirt, dress or tailored trousers, and a smart, plain, blazer-style jacket.
  • A shirt, blouse, sweater or plain smart t-shirt will be worn under the jacket.  Please note that cardigans may not be worn instead of jackets. 
  • Shirts/tops which show a bare midriff, shoulders or visible cleavage must not be worn. Skirts/dresses must be of an appropriate length.
  • Shoes of a smart, formal style must be worn (trainers, flip-flops/sandals, Ugg boots, or Doc Martens style boots may not be worn).  Only smart plain formal boots may be worn.

In general;

  • Jeans or leggings are not permitted.
  • Students should wear their jacket/blazer at all times (during warm weather in the summer term, students should have their jackets/blazers with them, but may choose to remove them).
  • Students may wear a smart formal outdoor coat to travel to and from school.
  • Any make-up or jewellery worn by students should be discreet.
  • The Sixth Form dress code does not permit:

- Extreme hair styles or colours

- Facial piercings (other than discreet earrings)

Students must wear name badges so they are visible at all times;

This is a requirement of all staff, visitors and Sixth Form students to comply with safeguarding regulations.

Students may be sent home to change their clothes or to collect a name badge if they do not comply with the dress code requirements as described above.  Any student seen not wearing their name badge at any point, even if it's in a bag, loses their study leave.

Any student who is unsure of what is acceptable should see

Mr Cahill, Mrs Wilson or Mrs Lawrence