Most Able - KS3 and KS4

Most Able KS3 & KS4 - Frequently asked questions:

How many pupils are selected? 

Aprx. 30 from Y7-10

In Y11 the Most Able group is expanded as students work towards achieving highly in their GCSE examinations. In Y11 there are 65 students in the Most Able group

On what basis are pupils selected? 

In Y7 students are selected based on SATS results.

From Y8 onwards students are added to the group based on their performance in assessments/GCSE predictions

Is the program extra curricular or conducted within school hours? 

The programme runs during school hours, usually in ATM (form time). Occasionally there are trips and visits which run during the school day.

What do students do in Y7-10 Most Able sessions?

Students are mentored towards their targets and aspirations, develop their critical thinking and debate current events. They will also develop study skills as the approach their mock exams in the summer term.

What do students do in Y11 Most Able sessions?

Y11 Students are mentored in fortnightly sessions towards their GCSE targets and aspirations for life after Goffs. Students also meet 1-2-1 with members of SLT, Trustees and the Raising Achievement Team to provide personalised advice and support. Y12 Most Able students mentor Y11 students in subjects they need support with and provide advice on how to deal with pressures of Y11 successfully.

Other opportunities in Y11 include:

  • Villiers Park Trip
  • Broxbourne Council Trip
  • Exam Stress Management Sessions
  • External Speakers (linked to a range of aspirant professions)

What companies/industries will be coming in to present to the Most Able team? 

Visiting speakers vary every year. In 2017-18 students attended talks/workshops led by:

  • Cardiovascular Surgeon from Harefield Hospital
  • Cambridge University Undergraduate
  • Major in the British Army. 

This year, students can look forward to an interactive workshop led by a female engineer and a speaker from the Bank of England.