Personal Development Challenge

Personal Development Challenge - 18th May 2020

Hi! Here are 5 Personal Development Challenges (with 2 optional and an extra challenging one!) we would like you to complete over the next 2 weeks. Then you will get some more.

  1. Participate in Mental Health Week (see attachment)
  1. Organise and create a quiz for your friends and family to enjoy over Zoom or FaceTime
  2. Record yourself performing a solo on an instrument or singing
  3. Research and perform 3 yoga positions
  4. Do some laundry, wash, and dry clothes then put them away

Optional – if you have a pet; wash and groom him or her

Optional – if you have a garden; learn how to use the lawn mower and cut the grass

Super Challenge 

Make a balanced 2 course meal for the family

Personal Development Challenge - 4th May 2020

As the period of lockdown continues, we are writing regarding tasks that can support your child’s personal development. In addition to the curriculum work set by your child’s class teachers, we feel it is crucial that your child is able to experience and enjoy challenges that will help with their broader personal development.

We hope that these activities will help to provide some variety during the school closure period, will prove valuable in helping students to develop vital skills, and may prove useful to parents too!

As such, we have put together a list of challenges for your child to complete. We will be setting five challenges fortnightly, starting from 4th May. There will also a ‘super challenge’.

All challenges will be set on Doddle; the first five are listed below: 

  1. Iron a shirt and/or a pair of trousers
  2. Change a light bulb
  3. Boil an egg
  4. Write a thank you card or email
  5. Plan, organise, and budget for a future day out

Super Challenge – Clean, or help to fix/repair, either a bicycle or a car

It would be fantastic for us to gather and be able to showcase some of these challenges being undertaken, so we would encourage students to take some photographs to send to their Learning Manager. Please note that we may include these photographs in a newsletter or school communications, so by sending us these, you consent to us using the images.