Transition (Year 6 to Year 7)

Goffs staff would like to welcome students to Goffs Academy as they begin a new and exciting chapter in their lives. We are looking foward to you joing the school shortly.

Transferring to secondary school is an important milestone in a student’s life and at Goffs we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible whilst establishing continuity from year 6-7, consistency of approach and challenge.

During June, students will receive a visit from Miss McBride (Director of Learning Year 7/SENCO) & Mrs Pressney (SENCO). They will explain what it is like to be a Goffs student, the expectations and requirements. They will also collect information from your child’s primary school about your child’s progress and attainment.

In the summer term, students in Year 6 will also complete transition project (a link to this is below), which is designed to bridge the gap between Year 6 and Year 7 and also gives us an opportunity to find out more about your child. We will select the ‘best’ pieces of work and reward students with house points and a lunch with the school Principal, Mr Ellis.

Transition Day - 9th July

New students will spend the day at Goffs and complete various activites to familiarise themselves with their new school. We start the day with an assembly delivered by Mr Ellis and then students will be split into their forms and meet their Learning Managers. Students will complete various activities/lessons throughout the day including PE, Science, Languages, Drama and Art (activities/lessons can vary year to year).

Please note that on the 2nd July we invite parents to attend a parent welcome meeting in order to provide details regarding transition day, uniform, expectaions and general information regarding Year 7 (further information below).

Start of Academic Year - 2nd September

Year 7 students begin the the academic year by having half a day in school with no other students. This allows both the students and staff to meet and spend time together to support the transition process. Students are provided with a tour around the school, receive their timetables and are setup on the schools catering system. This also gives students the opportunity to start building relationships as we also complete some team building activities.





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