Curriculum Enrichment

Schools have an obligation to develop the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development (SMSC) of pupils. At Goffs this is embedded across the curriculum but is also support with a range of Curriculum Enrichment Days (CED) throughout the year.


Curriculum Enrichment describes activities which schools provide in order to extend students’ education beyond their main course of study. We are committed to providing opportunities for broadening students’ educational experience.


Our CED programme is at the heart of our school and strives to enhance the lives of our students and to increase motivation and achievement.


Here are some of the Curriculum Enrichment Experience we provide.


All Years - Drug Awareness

Paul Hannaford was addicted to heroin and crack cocaine for fifteen years and spent around £1 million on substance abuse. He lost count of the number of funerals he has attended from people who've passed away because of drugs. Paul now provides drug awareness talks to put something back into the community. This is a compelling workshop about the dangers of addiction, drugs, and alcohol as well as involvement in gangs, knife crime and county lines. Drawing on his own challenging life experiences as a former addict and convict, Paul conveys an incredibly powerful and hard-hitting message of the dangers that await that lifestyle.


Year 7

Team Building Activity


Team building challenges students to problem solve and work with others. It shows them how to be accountable, which is a great lesson for students to learn early in their school career. Team building also allows students to develop stronger relationships and trust among each other.


World Book Day


World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. Their mission is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.


Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income. World Book Day promotes a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and the improved life chances this brings them.


Born Free


Born Free aims to reach children and young people both in schools and out, instilling a love of wildlife and helping to encourage personal action. Focusing on the theme of local action, global consequences.


Year 8

Prison! Me! No Way!

Prison! Me! No Way! educate every young person to leaves school with the knowledge and confidence to take control and make positive choices so that they may avoid becoming involved in crime, stay safe and realise their full potential. They focus on peer respect and the many dangers that students can inadvertently be subjected to.



This experience covers being safe online and online identity and focuses on matters such as meeting people online and cyber-bullying. Different ways of using the internet are discussed and with the basics of staying safe and why it's important to talk to adults if anything is upsetting or confusing. It teaches understanding consent in a digital world, digital friendships and wellbeing, the power of image and online hate. It delves into on online personas, in particular whether or not people are their ‘true selves’ online. 

There are several prompts for discussion around themes of acceptance, equality, and kindness and promotes diversity and equality online, freedom to be yourself online, how to be a good ally online, understanding consent in a digital world and digital friendships and wellbeing


Feel the Hate

‘Feel the Hate’ was developed out of a growing need to raise awareness amongst young people around Hate Crime. Using simple story-telling techniques ‘Feel the Hate’ tells the stories of four victims of Hate Crime.  The performance and post show talk features a young man questioning his sexuality, a young girl with a disability and a young Muslim girl. Their story includes how they were victimised and the impact it had on them, their friends, and families.


Year 9

Understanding What Being Healthy Is

Evolve Coaching & Fitness is a team of highly trained professionals who specialise in areas such as weight loss, strength training, nutrition, injury prevention, rehab, posture and more.

They give a session on developing a better understanding of what a healthy lifestyle is, and habits students can implement to work towards this. They promote healthy mindset and physical capability supporting life changing results in with mental and physical health.

They encourage creating health plans that are sustainable around different lifestyles and guide students to a healthy attitude resulting in improved habits and long-term results.


Breaking the Chain

is a hard-hitting applied theatre production that aims to raise awareness, kick-start conversations and build resilience around youth violence, with a focus on knife crime as part of a public health approach to tackling the issue, an issue that is seeing young people seriously hurt and, all too often, killed on the streets of our towns and cities. This experience reassures young people that knife carrying is not actually common and raises awareness around the risks and consequences of youth violence. It builds resilience by raising awareness of and promoting the core skills such as self-confidence, self-esteem, risk assessment, emotional intelligence, empathy, decision making, recognising healthy relationships. These skills help young people to navigate a whole host of issues, critical moments, and adverse childhood experiences that they may encounter and promotes the importance of seeking help and advice.


Managing a Budget

Teaching students to track and control their spending is essential preparation for their futures. When students leave school, they should be able to establish their income, estimate their outgoings, calculate a weekly budget, and set sensible spending goals. Good financial management and a healthy relationship with money helps students’ independence as adults, whether they are trying to budget and save for their first car or a deposit for their first property or for luxuries like a summer holiday or a new games console, or even if they just want to be prepared for emergencies, a strong financial grounding is exactly what they need.


Year 10

Body Image and Self-Esteem

An alarming amount of young people struggle with body image dissatisfaction. Around half of girls and up to one third of boys have dieted to lose weight, and over half of bullying experienced by young people in a recent study was because of appearance. This workshop covers 3 main themes: Examining the impact of social media, celebrating difference, and building body confidence and self-esteem. The over-arching concepts include identity (personal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and what influences these), relationships (including different types and in different settings), a healthy (including physically, emotionally, and socially) balanced lifestyle (including within relationships, work-life, exercise, and rest, spending, and saving and diet) and diversity and equality (in all its forms).


Please see RSE (link) & Careers (link) links for more information on the Curriculum Enrichment opportunities for Year 10


Year 11

Fix Up

Fix Up are a group of passionate people focused on motivating students to encourage them to 'live their dreams and make it happen!'. The Fix Up culture is one of fun, creativity and inspiration conveyed with a high level of integrity. The workshops the provide strive to empower the minds of individuals to achieve a better quality of life. The team run sessions that are inspiring, energising, and dynamic with lasting impact. The skills they promote in the ‘How to be a GCSE Champion’ programme are believing in yourself, confidence building to tackle challenges, goal setting, revision techniques, exam techniques and stress management.


Elevate Education

Elevate Education run a study skills programmes designed to achieve behavioural change amongst students. Based on their research, it isn’t enough that students simply understand what they need to do in their study: the challenge in any study skills programme is getting students to use and apply the skills they learn. Elevate gets students using the skills from its seminars and workshops by using processes of helping students to study effectively, managing time effectively and overcoming procrastination, helping students prepare for and to ace their exams, helping students get and stay motivated across the year, improving memory recall in exams and helping students manage stress and maintain wellbeing.