CHEXS offers bespoke programmes designed, tested and implemented to support Children and Young People’s common mental-health concerns as well as their overall wellbeing.

The charity was founded by CEO Pete Maiden 10 years ago following a career in the Navy, you can read more about this on our History of CHEXS.

CHEXS works by using a two-stream approach, our Children and Young People team follow a structured programme of age-appropriate activities for learning outside of the classroom, which enables them to improve their wellbeing, succeed and build confidence.

All work is based upon protective behaviours, coaching, and promoting positive mental health.

The Family Support Team works in tandem with the Children and Young People team, offering inclusive parenting workshop groups sharing a wealth of experience, advice, and guidance in a relaxed environment, coupled with one-to-one support sessions for parents.

CHEXS focus on resilience which equips young people to face everyday challenges and achieve their potential for a better future.