Academy Information

The Trust was established following a direct approach by the DfE and currently consists of two schools: Goffs and Goffs-Churchgate Academy. The name “Generations” was deliberately chosen for our Trust and reflects our desire to grow into a Trust that educates and nurtures children from their first days at school to young adulthood at 18 years of age.

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Trust Ethos and Values:

  • Ensure a culture of high aspirations across the Trust
  • To relentlessly drive forward the highest standards of delivery and outcomes
  • To serve the local community and ensure the best possible life chances for its young people
  • To train the next generation of educators and future leaders

Goffs and Goffs-Churchgate

Both academies offer very distinct secondary learning experiences, with the deliberately much smaller size of Goffs-Churchgate designed to provide for those children who learn and achieve best in a smaller environment.

However, both of the academies function on the same principles of:

  • Strong leadership, relentlessly focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for each child
  • Extensive pastoral support systems including Directors of Learning, youth workers, counsellors, Place2Be ( ) and extended provision through ChEXS where we are the lead agency ( )
  • Academic rigour
  • Extremely high and non-negotiable expectations of behaviour

Our firm belief is that successful learning takes place when students feel safe, confident, respected and valued, and are engaged. As such, our schools operate extremely high expectations of behaviour, placing great emphasis on pastoral care and very close links with parents. As part of our nurturing environments, each academy also includes a school dog. Further information about each dog can be found on each academy’s website.

Our schools also pride themselves on their sense of community – both within the school itself, and in the wider locality. Our students actively support local charity work such as the Isabel Hospice, and maintain strong links with our local primary schools. 

Student Leadership groups actively encourage leadership development through a series of student led groups, with groups including charitable events/activities, a student newsletter, and Digital Leaders driving forward the school’s commitment to using technology to enhance learning.

Both schools operate out of recently constructed buildings, offering fit for purpose learning and working environments.

Our schools are happy and caring communities, staffed by teams of highly committed teachers and support staff, working in partnership with Trustees and parents to provide the best possible education. Each website will give you a flavour of the school and community. You are also warmly encouraged to visit and to see first-hand what makes us such a popular and successful organisation, and to dedcide which school’s particular ethos would be best suited to your child. We all look forward to welcoming you.

Alison J Garner
Chief Executive Officer