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History Yr7-13 Learning Journey

How does learning about the past affect your future? Here at Goffs, we pride ourselves on giving students a combination of engaging, exciting and informative lessons with the fundamental skills required to succeed across all subjects and into higher education. The popularity of history has been reflected in the large uptake at both GCSE and A-Level. The history department consists of 5 specialist teachers dedicated to providing outstanding learning opportunities and bringing out the historian in every student! Click here for student and parent feedback on history at Goffs.


“I thought the Kings and Queens were so complicated before....looking back now they’re actually really easy to understand – they were all horrible! This has to be my favourite era of history to learn” Year 7, Apr 2014
“Your lessons have helped my son settle in at Goffs so much – he looks forward to history and can’t wait to complete the home learning. Thank you for working so hard to provide (my son) with the resources so that he doesn’t feel left behind and so that he feels like he has a voice amongst his peers” Parent, Dec 2013 

“The best part for me was completing the project on the Holocaust; I loved the opportunity to access different people’s views on the event and to untangle the causes behind this tragic episode in history” Year 8, Apr 2014. 
“Thank you so much for arranging such an amazing trip. My son hasn’t stopped talking about it, and I know he will remember his experience for many years.” Parent, July 2014

“The trip was the best experience I have had at school – it has linked my learning in lessons to real life as well as becoming closer to my friends. Berlin was so much fun; I can’t wait to visit it again and am jealous of my little brother who has a chance to go with school next year!” Yr10 Student Sept 2014

“Being able to lay a poppy wreath at the Menin Gate for Goffs in front of thousands of people........that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you so much for selecting me to do it” Yr9 Student July 2014

“I will choose to study A-Level history because of the teachers – I am absolutely confident that they are the best people to get me what I need to get into university.” Yr11 student, Sept 2014

“History lessons are always engaging and fun, no matter which teacher I have had. I know exactly what I have achieved, and what I need to do to get a higher grade.” Yr9 student, Feb 2014
“My teacher ‘diagnosed’ my issue with timing in exams, and ensured that I had 1-on-1 assistance to tackle it, not giving up on me until I mastered it. I wouldn’t have got my A Grade without this support” AS Level student, Aug 2014

“My favourite lesson was the Battle of Hastings re-enactment – even though it was 2 years ago we always talk about how fun it was play-fighting with our wooden swords and shields!” Yr9 Student

“History is the subject where I am confident in my opinion, and my teacher gives me and all of us the chance to voice them” Yr8 Student, Apr 2014

History - Year 7

In year 7, the study of History complements the termly whole-school themes of community, healthy eating and inventions. Students begin to develop a range of historical skills and concepts including inference, significance, change and continuity to help them investigate evidence and analyse contemporary source material. In year 7 students complete the following enquiries:

  • What is History?
  • How successfully did William conquer England after 1066?
  • What is the most amazing invention in History?
  • How did the Black Death help the peasants become more powerful?
  • How did Britain control 1/4 of the globe? What impact did the British Empire have  on its citizens?
  • Which Olympics has had the most interesting History?

History - Year 8

In year 8 students build on their year 7 knowledge and emerging skills to complete the following enquiries:

  • Has life really improved for African-Americans?
  • Who was to blame for Jack the Ripper evading capture?
  • Did the sacrifices of the Suffragettes actually bring about equality for women?
  • Has the world learned anything from the Holocaust?

History - GCSE

Year 9

History is a hugely popular choice at GCSE at Goffs. In year 9 students begin their GCSE History (Edexcel specification: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/history-2016.html). Having laid strong foundations at KS3, students use their well-honed skills as young historians to study paper 1: Medicine through time, which includes a case-study on surgery on the Western Front during WW1.

There is also an opportunity for year 9 students to go on the highly popular, long running trip to Ypres and Berlin!

Year 10

In the 2nd year of their GCSE (Edexcel specification: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/history-2016.html), students study the early years of Elizabethan England, as well as inter-war Germany. There is also an opportunity for year 10 students to go on the highly popular, long running trip to Ypres and Berlin!

Year 11

Students complete their study of GCSE History (Edexcel Specification: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/history-2016.html) with a study of International Superpower.

Links / documents

Cold War Revision Guide

Elizabeth Revision Guide

Germany Content Revision Guide

Medicine Revision Guide

Medicine Revision Worksheets and Instructions

New Spec Key Events Grids

Updated GCSE Writing Frames - 2018 Exam Onwards



History - A & AS Level

History A Level


A-Level-revision 1547 - 1603.pptx

A-Level-revision lessons.pptx

Elizabethan-Government Revision.docx


Elizabeth Foreign Policy Revision notes.pptx

Mary Queen of Scots Plots Revision notes.docx

Elizabethan Society Review notes.docx

1547 - 1603 Revision.docx



Wyatts Rebellion Revision notes 1554.docx



Edward VI






E6F-Account-for-Differences-between-RC-and Protestantism.ppt




E6Ia-Govt-response to -WR.pptx







Mary I










Elizabeth I




















History AS Level (Year 12)



Tudor Government 1532 - 40 and Thomas Cromwell.docx


AS LEVEL Revision slides

R1) Change and continuity under the early Tudors

R2) Specification & Change to 1547

R3) Key individuals and convincing Q

R4) Revision of key events

R5) How do I structure answers to a Q1

R7) Revision spider diagrams

R8) Tudors – Top 10 Tips

Revision  H7 Ppt

Revision H8 Ppt

Revision Social, Economic and Religious change

General Advice & Handbook

English Socirty in 1485

H7) Tudors induction lesson

Henry VII Lesons

H7A) Impact on wars of Roses

H7B) Bosworth, Character and Aims

H7C) Tudor Presentations

H7D) Problems on accession

H7E) Coping with problems

H7F What was England like in 1485

H7G) Analysing rebellions

H7H) Preparation for rebellion presentations.

H7I) Presentations and Q1 markscheme

H7J) Q1 Assessment preparation

H7K) Aims in foreign policy

H7L) Breton crisis

H7M) Rest of foreign policy

H7N) Analysis of Foreign policy and Q2 assessment

H7O) Government

H7P) Dealing with the nobility

H7Q) Finance

H7R) Popular rebellions

H7S) Conclusion to security

H7T) Society, economy and religion under Henry VII

Henry VIII Lessons

H8A) Character, Background, Aims of H8 & legacy of H7 

H8B) Rise of Wolsey and Government.

H8C) Foreign Policy 1509-29

H8D) Wolsey's domestic poicies

H8E) Essay plan Domestic policies

H8F) State of Church in 1520s

H8G) Wolsey's Fall from power

H8H) How well did Wolsey serve the King

H8I) Q1 Wolsey and Henry

H8J) Causes of the Break with Rome

H8K) The process and results of the Break with Rome

H8L) Changes in religion

H8M) Dissolution of Monasteries

H8N) Opposition to religious change.

H8O) Henry VIII’s foreign policy from 1532

H8P) Government

H8Q) Key Factions under Henry VIII