Welcome to Eagle House

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 Welcome to Eagle House - the best house at Goffs Academy!

In Eagle House, we want to make sure that we make the most of our community.  There is so much to get involved with and so many ways in which you can show your support.

It’s important that as many students as possible are involved in our wide range of house events.  Together we can have fun and do so much good!


2017-18 Eagle House Team  

House Captain:  Isabelle Turner

Vice House Captain:  Erin Mulkerrin

Charity House Captains:  Daisy Barber & Evie Dietrich

Games Captain:  Louise Hunt

Tech Captain:  Kara Harvey-Hill




House Charity- Macmillan


Coming your way soon…..

  1. Goffs' Got Talent
  2. Sixth Form Students Vs Staff Football
  3. Sixth Form Students Vs Staff Netball
  4. New Charity Stand
  5. Valentines Tuck Shop
  6. Up-to-date House Points Totals............watch this space!!!