Welcome to Falcon House

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To be put simply, we are the best house (well, we have a superhero named after us so…we are definitively the best), and if you are lucky enough to be in our house then you will be fortunate enough to experience victory.

Here at falcon, we are a team, a community and we have a space for anyone and everyone, because you all have a talent. 

Success is achieved through perseverance and fighting until the end, which is what our house is very good at, which is why we believe that we can win this year!

2017-18 Falcon House Team

House Captains:  Isaac Bode & Kate Davies

Vice House Captain:  Louvain O'Donoghue

Charity House Captains:  Shakyra Dharmakeerthi & Dilan Arikan

Games Captain: Kieran Lines

Tech Captain:  Alexandro Theodorou

PR Captain: Demi Foley


Coming your way soon..

  1. Goffs' Got Talent
  2. Sixth Form Students Vs Staff Football
  3. Sixth Form Students Vs Staff Netball
  4. New Charity Stand
  5. Valentines Tuck Shop
  6. Up-to-date House Points Totals............watch this space!!!

House Charity

Our House Charity for this year is Macmillan