Student Leadership

Student Parliament

The Student Strategic Development Plan (Student SDP) is a document which is written by students, for students. These priorities have been determined by consulting with students throughout the year.

  • All students completed the Student Survey
  • Student Parliament analysed the results of the survey, to identify strengths and areas for further development
  • A full Student Conference took place in June
  • Following this, Student Parliament and the Top Team met to agree and write the final Student SDP

This document will be the ‘action plan’ which drives the work of the Student Parliament and various Student Leadership groups during 2018-19. Any students who are not currently involved with one of these groups will have the opportunity to apply early in the autumn term. 

Mr M Ellis.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy have had a very busy twelve months. They have restructured the groups, organised and hosted numerous cake sales and fundraisers and are presently researching and sourcing materials for a designated ‘Chill-Out Zone’ for all pupils here at Goffs.

Early on in the year we re-established the sub-groups that make up Leadership Academy and now we have 4 defined groups: Newsletter, Community, Extended Learners, and Charity. Names were chosen by the groups themselves and are based around a specific Leadership responsibility.

Each group meets on a separate day of the week during ATM time. The meetings take place in the library and progress made is fed back to Miss Holland via a group folder. Each sub-group has a nominated leader voted by its members and it is their responsibility to take the register for that meeting and distribute jobs. 

Leadership has grown in numbers this year. There are now 45 dedicated members; and they hope to grow even more this year.

As mentioned before Leadership Academy has had a very busy year. Here is a brief summary on some of the events they have hosted:

Halloween Disco- Raising money for the Ghana Trip Fund. Over 15 members of Leadership Academy organised and hosted the Year 7 Halloween Disco. It featured a ‘Haunted Walk’ along the B block corridor which was filled with GCSE and A-Level drama pupils acting like, demons, possessed children and Zombies. It was terrifying! Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best fancy dress, with 1st prize receiving a £20 gift voucher for Topshop. Over £450 was raised and this year people are already asking if there will be another one.

Cake Sales/Sweet Sales- Over 20 cake, sweet and chocolate fountain stalls have been organised from the school shop. The Leadership Academy source and provide the ingredients and advertise the events themselves. Leadership Academy have raised over £300 running such stalls, with the most successful event raising over £115 in less than 20 minutes!

Teaching year 7 forms on Racial Equality- During the Easter Term the ‘Extended Learners’ group wrote and delivered a scheme of work to all year 7 forms during their ATM sessions. They chose the topic- Racial Equality- themselves. The sessions taught the year group about Discrimination and practically explored the struggles made by Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali.  The feedback from year 7 forms and tutors was very positive with one pupil saying, ‘I felt it was fun to learn about such important things from older pupils, I would like to have more sessions like this.’

Easter Disco- The Easter Disco was organised by two Leadership pupils who were raising money to help them to fund their Ghana trip. It featured dancing, fancy dress and the pupil who found the ‘Golden Ticket’ won a £20 gift voucher. An Easter themed quiz ran on the night, with lots of chocolate rewards. Over £350 was raised in this event and really helped with Ghana fundraising.  

Our Voice Matters- Leadership Academy worked with Student Parliament to decide what £10,000 worth of pupil designated money should be spent on. We had an initial student conference to brainstorm some ideas; the brief was that the money had to be spent on something that would benefit ALL pupils here at Goffs. After much consideration and a vote, Student Leadership and Parliament decided to present two ideas to Mrs Garner and the senior team: Rewards Trip for pupil attainment and a Chill Out Zone. These were both approved to go ahead and Student Leadership are currently researching the materials, furniature and cost involved to build the type of zone they believe will suit Goffs.

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