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Looking back over 2020-2021

Last academic year, Student Parliament took on the uneasy predicament of working to complete projects from their Student School Development Plan during the Covid pandemic and numerous lockdowns. Still they managed to work as a team to complete the following;

  • Last year, new recycling bins were ordered and put into place. Students gave virtual assemblies to let the rest of the student body know the new locations.
  • The Robbie Lea Water Safety event was cancelled this year due to the lockdowns and Covid restrictions unfortunately. They did send a new emotional from video from Robbie’s mum and students were able to incorporate it into an assembly once we returned back to school in March and still give out useful and potentially lifesaving information gained from previous events.
  • Student Parliament conducted a Survey Monkey and held Student Voice meetings with form representatives to agree talking points with Chartwells on the school catering provision. They met with the new management of Chartwells. They discussed topics and questions raised by the school community (both the student body and staff) and agreed action points with the management. Student Parliament will be continuing to meet with them every term to update and discuss. They updated students in assemblies and will continue to do so after every meeting.
  • Students completing their Leadership Accreditation course submitted their portfolios at Gold level and passed with confirmation and certificates arriving and being presented. Other students joined and are in the process of building skills and evidence to complete and submit their own portfolios.
  • Student Parliament worked with the Vice Principal in an all-day Student Voice Conference at the end of the summer term. They met with other selected students to discuss and record vital subject feedback which will be used in staff training for the following academic year.
  • Student Parliament held their end of year conference and completed the SSDP ready for the next academic year. They will meet again on 1st October to start planning the projects they have selected for the new academic year. The House Team has confirmed they will join the conference now that we are not restricted to numbers or bubbles.
What’s happening in 2021-2022

For the current academic year, Student Parliament met to discuss their SSDP at the beginning of October. This document will be the ‘action plan’ which drives the work of the Student Parliament for 2021-2022. They will meet every Thursday ATM session to discuss their projects and put them into action. Some of the upcoming projects include:

  • Raising awareness of environmental – the students will be running a presentation to fellow students regarding items on the agenda this November at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. They will also take part in live lessons from the conference to learn about what is being discussed and what can be done to help.
  • Taking part in the annual Robbie Lea Water Safety event and feeding back vital lifesaving information to students in assemblies. We also will be running assemblies with external speakers to further increase student’s awareness of open water safety.
  • Students will be working closely with the House Team to run events for our schools chosen charity and also to run our annual OAP Christmas Party which we know our wider community is already looking forward to.
  • We will continue to work with Chartwells and will be seeking feedback from the school community on the catering provision and ideas for going forward.
  • Running competitions and visits to local Primary Schools to continue with our Primary Reading Project to help improve Literacy skills within our school and local community.

Students will also continue to work on their Leadership Accreditation portfolios – an externally accredited course that gives students recognition for extracurricular skills gained, such as Presentation, Communication and organisation (plus other skills).

There are many other projects that the Student Parliament will be involved with. If students are interested they can speak to Miss Thorogood (based in the Exams Office) or email her on



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