At Goffs every student aims to undertake a minimum of 20 hours volunteering across the academic year. As a community we define volunteering as “any activity that you choose to do which benefits our school community or the wider community as a whole”.

We believe that is it incredibly important that students are given the opportunity to discover what they are good at both inside and outside of the classroom. This contributes to their social, cultural and moral development. It is vital that they both develop and reflect on the soft skills volunteering affords such as; collaboration, leadership, listening and communication. Furthermore it is clear that employers value voluntary work, by participating in the G-Involved programme students will have clear examples to discuss with future employers.

Rewarding participation
Every student that obtains 20 hours voluntary work is rewarded with a bronze certificate. Students that complete 30 hours gain a silver certificate and any student that completes 50 hours is given a gold award.