Join the Sixth Form and Enrolment

Entry Criteria

The key to success in the Sixth Form is studying the right courses at the right level.  At Goffs Sixth Form we offer courses at different levels and in a wide range of subjects.  Through the analysis of our own data and UK national statistics, we have established a set of criteria suitable for students to succeed by following different pathways. 

There is a very large choice of subjects at Goffs to help meet the different needs and interests of students. Our aim is to find a package of courses in the Sixth Form which is personalised to each student, so that it suits career aspirations, interests, potential higher education requirements and aptitude/abilities. 

You will need to carefully check specific subject entry criteria. Should a student narrowly miss the entry criteria for a subject, we will review their individual performance and requirements on a case by case basis at the enrolment stage.
In addition to the academic entry criteria, a good record of behaviour, application and attendance is also expected.  Please be aware that a student will not be admitted into the Sixth Form if they are involved in any behaviour that brings the school into disrepute.

If you need any further information about our Admissions process please contact:

We welcome all parents and students who are interested in finding out more about the opportunities available in the Sixth Form at Goffs, including students who are considering joining Goffs Sixth Form from other schools.


Enrolment - Thursday 25th August 2022 

Internal Students 

As per the email sent by Miss Orhan, students will be emailed results. Students are also able to come into school to collect their results in person between 9.00am and mid-day. 

If you do not meet the entry criteria for your chosen subjects you will receive an email advising you that you are required to attend school, to meet with staff regarding choices for the next academic year. 

Students who have met the entry requirements for their chosen subjects and do not want to make any changes to their options, will not need to attend school but you will need to confirm your place in the Sixth Form via email. Please email with your confirmation by 4pm on Thursday 25th August. 

Students who wish to change their options for the next academic year will need to attend school to discuss this with a member of senior leadership.  Any applicant who is unable to attend that day must email to arrange an alternative appointment time. 

Churchgate Applicants 

Mr Sparks will be in contact regarding arrangements on how to pick up your results on this day. Goffs Churchgate applicants are required to attend Goffs Churchgate to confirm their place in the Sixth Form.  

Mrs Wilson, a member of the Goffs Academy Sixth Form team, will be on hand to finalise your subject choices. Applicants will need to bring a copy of their results for reference. Any applicant who is unable to attend that day must email to arrange an alternative appointment time.  

External Applicants and New Applicants 

Applicants will need to attend the school between 11am and 2pm on Thursday 25th August to confirm their place in the Sixth Form. Please see information below;  

  • Applicants will enter the building through reception  

  • Applicants will sit down with a member of the senior leadership team to finalise their subject choices, applicants will need to bring a copy of their results for reference 



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